Perk Up the Patio, Part 2: Creating Furniture from Pallets

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The humble wood pallet, that staple for shipping and storing bulky items, gains new prestige when you put it to use on your patio! Check out these ideas that turn pallets from ugly ducklings into eye-catching and functional design accents that...

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Stormworthy Products That Protect Your Home

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If a storm approaches this season, will you and your home be ready? Natural disasters can occur in any part of the country, so make sure your home is prepared to weather the storm.

Impact-resistant windows. If you live in a storm-prone area, invest...

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Basics of Window Replacement for Homeowners

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Note: This article is a guest post written by Tom Casey of Home Town Restyling, a Sunrise dealer located in Hiawatha, IA.

Most homeowners buy replacement windows only once in a lifetime, so it can be overwhelming when they realize the cost and scope...

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