Get Inspired with the Sunrise “Design Your View” Tool

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 2.57.24 PMAs you begin to plan your window replacement project, the “Design Your View” tool from Sunrise could be just the inspiration you need. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the many window styles, features and options available when investing in vinyl windows. Our “Design Your View” concept makes your window shopping experience simple, personalized and fun! It gives you the chance to be your own designer, planning windows step-by-step to match your unique needs and taste.

7 Steps to a Custom Window Design

The unique virtual tool from Sunrise gives you the ability to learn about all of the features available and design a window using any Sunrise style, color and trim option that we offer. With this tool, you can view an exact image of just how your vinyl windows will look when incorporating different styles and custom features.

The “Design Your View” tool is easy to navigate, simple to use and accurately displays several options available for Sunrise windows. Follow these steps to discover the possibilities.

  1. Select a look. Sunrise offers nearly 40 different window types and shapes. In general, there are three primary looks to choose from: full window, window divided top and bottom, and window divided side to side.
  2. Choose operation. Windows can open, close and operate for cleaning in several ways. Select how you would like your window to operate.
  3. Choose the glass. Selecting the best glass for your window depends on climate, clarity and energy efficiency. Tell us about where you live and your needs to help narrow down the choices.
  4. Choose the interior color. To design the interior of your window, tell us about the color or woodgrain finish you would like to use, and select from Madera trim and hardware options.
  5. Choose an exterior color. Let us know which exterior frame color and brickmould fit your house best.
  6. Choose options. Use the grid selector to give your window a unique personal touch. Indicate whether you want screens or between-the-glass blinds.
  7. See the finished product. All the selections you have made will be displayed for your review. You can email, print or share the image with others.

Even though the style and color details of this tool are designed to be as accurate as possible, we encourage you to view actual product samples with the assistance of your local Sunrise dealer. Get started with “Design Your View” today or use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer nearest you!

About the Author

Joseph Mills

Joseph Mills

Joe Mills is the Director of Marketing for Sunrise Windows and Doors. He has spent almost 15 years working with homeowners helping them envision and design home improvement projects. He is proficient in assisting homeowners through their entire buying process, including helping them do the proper research, what signs to look for to minimize a homeowner’s risk, understanding the in home selling process and once the decision is made, how the installation process will work. He has written a consumer-oriented book called “How To Buy Vinyl Replacement Windows” that can help window buyers make educated choices.