Internal Window Grids Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Picture-Casements-Eyebrow-Internal-GridsLooking for that perfect finishing touch for your new double-hung windows or another window style? If you want to make a statement with windows but aren’t quite sure how to accomplish this, internal window grids are a classic choice. They add that unique architectural detail that makes your windows stand apart from standard windows.

Putting grids between the glass adds style to your windows but makes it easy to keep them clean. Pictured: Georgian Colonial grids


Elegant Style, Easy Cleaning

There’s just something so elegant about a window or door with grids (also called grilles or muntins). To create this look, Sunrise® uses a specialized process. Unlike other window brands that come with grids that snap onto the glass and must be removed for cleaning – and frequently break – our craftsmen place window grids in-between two panes of insulated glass during the window manufacturing process.

Because there are no grids on the surface, internal window grids allow for extremely easy cleaning of your windows. You get a distinctive look to your home’s curb appeal while enjoying complete ease of use.

In addition to many different window styles and colors to choose from, Sunrise offers a variety of internal grids:


Standard Colonial grids Standard Colonial grids



Brass Pencil Colonial grids
Brass Pencil Colonial grids



Standard Diamond grids Standard Diamond grids


Let’s Get Started

Cleaning windows is a chore, but the convenience of internal grids can make this job much more enjoyable. To see our different grid styles in different colors and on different window types and sliding glass doors, check out the Sunrise visualizer. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, contact your local Sunrise dealer.


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Joseph Mills

Joseph Mills

Joe Mills is the Director of Marketing for Sunrise Windows and Doors. He has spent almost 15 years working with homeowners helping them envision and design home improvement projects. He is proficient in assisting homeowners through their entire buying process, including helping them do the proper research, what signs to look for to minimize a homeowner’s risk, understanding the in home selling process and once the decision is made, how the installation process will work. He has written a consumer-oriented book called “How To Buy Vinyl Replacement Windows” that can help window buyers make educated choices.