Will the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Windows Please Stand Up?

logo2bThe ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient program was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2011 to help homeowners find products that have exceeded minimum government standards for energy efficiency. The initial list of products recognized by the program included refrigerators and freezers; clothes washers; heating and cooling units; and televisions.

Since that time, the program has become increasingly popular among consumers who want to buy the most efficient products available. The program has expanded to include other categories of products that a homeowner would be interested in, including windows. According to the EPA, the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient label continues to gain increased attention from both manufacturers and retailers. Approximately 1,600 products from 122 different manufacturing partners now qualify for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient label.

2015 ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Standards for Windows

Energy efficiency is a very important issue when it comes to purchasing products for the home. To be eligible for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient distinction, products must be ENERGY STAR qualified and certified by an EPA-recognized certifying organization. Once the efficiency criteria are met, manufacturers can then use the modified ENERGY STAR logo to let homeowners know their products are extra efficient. For 2015, the EPA’s Most Efficient criteria for windows are illustrated in the following table.

table3Sunrise® Windows: The Best of the Best

Sunrise Windows& Doors is pleased to offer multiple products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR Most Efficient standards. These products offer a U-factor ranging from 0.17-0.20 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.15-0.25. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products by Sunrise are available for every climate zone in the United States. Every Sunrise product has options available to meet ENERGY STAR requirements, ensuring not only energy savings but increased comfort when you replace old, drafty windows. Learn more about our energy-efficient windows.

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